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  • GarlandĀ Jumbo Odour Free Compost Caddy

    With home compasting becoming more popular, we offer a range of Odour Free Compost Caddies, ideal for storing compostable kitchen waste, in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 litres.
    This 30ltr model features an ultra strong handle to cope with the added potential weight of the contents.
    Ideal for larger families and caterers.
    The activated carbon filter, housed in the lid, contains any unpleasant odours.
    The filter lasts 3 to 4 months and refill packs are available separately.

  • Tierra Garden Eco Master Composter

    With great one-piece feed opening.
    Lid with wind protection.
    Easy and convenient assembly without tools.
    Convenient withdrawal of compost thanks to a big flap with handle.
    Ideal ventilation.
    Requires little space.
    79 Gallon.
    25.6"L x 23.6"W x 35.5"H.

  • Ringer Compost Plus 2lb

    Composts lawn clippings, brown leaves, and hard to compost items such as wood chips, pine cones, and twigs. Converts 500 - 750 lbs. of yard debris to mulch.
  • Compost Maker 1 Lb

    Model: 21599

    Humus Builder; This organic product contains beneficial organisms that energize soils, composts, decomposing organic matter. It stabilizes nutrients and humus, and reduces odors. May be broadcast dry or sprayed with water onto garbage, leaves, vegetables.